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03-Apr-2000 10:52

“The body is the form of soul” I. Kant

The later series E-types were not built like this by Jaguar as the E-type headlights had to be changed due to American regulations to a less functional, unaesthetic protruding form from 1968 on, thus spoiling the pure original design concept by aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer – also evident in the C- + D-type. By losing their characteristic covers the E-types did not only lose the elegant shape but also the excellent low drag coefficient leading to a reduced value which experts estimate at up to 15,000 pound Sterling – (comparing top S1 + S1.5 OTS) inspite of being more refined and technically advanced.

The re-pro-evolution is made possible by Jaguar enthusiast and prize-winning designer Stefan Wahl. Arguably classic cars should not be modified, but this is the exception to the rule as the original exemplary concept can only be restored by alteration. The headlights – made to the original bonnet-specifications – are now an integral part of the aerodynamic body-shape again, the E-type regains its pure-bred, much admired classic streamline.

According to the JAGUAR HERITAGE MAGAZINE No.21 (JDHT Publication )
Malcolm Sayer would have appreciated the WAHL-lights as he hated to see his mathematically derived concept changed because of what he called ‘silly regulations’. Only with Stefan Wahl’s modern headlight covers in the true spirit of Malcolm Sayer the later E-types fulfill the demands of knowledgeable owners with discriminating taste.

So join us, please, celebrating automobile history reborn and
enjoy your E-Type with the beautiful eyes she deserves.

Stefan Wahl РAm Feldrain 23 РD-50999 K̦ln / Cologne РGermany РPhone ++49 (0) 2236-63586

Stefan Wahl.
Stefan Wahl.22-Sep-2008 13:55, PENTAX PENTAX K-m , 5.6, 150.0mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 100

Stefan Wahl
pricewinnig designer by the largest Automobilmanufactorer on earth (GM).

Jaguar is not just a car. We love the E-Type because of his beauty, because of the fluent lines. It is a roadrunner coming dirctly from the racestrip to us. The D-Type longnose was the development of Malcolm Sayer* at first bevore Sir William Lyons unleashed his aerodynamic E-Type on the street.

GM must have been very afraid of the Corvette sales going down. No other reason can be figured out than that for the fact, that the US government releasd a law which distorted the fluentness of the E-types lines irretriveably in 1967. The Corvette of course was spared from these changes and as the government even intensified the reglementations in 1968 E-Type sales nearly ran dry.

All model upgrades were to no avail. Even the top-class V12 never reached the sales figures the original design met. The lost beauty is one aspect. But even more, the aerodynamic loss was disturbing the futuristic and innovative form of the E-Type.That way an E-type today cannot be more authentic and of higher value than with his own true “eyes”.

Stefan Wahl

*Malcolm Sayer, Aeroplaneconstructor and constructor of Jaguar C +D + E+ XJ13+ XJS

(please read Article…the opinion in Jaguar World Postcard from America)