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22-Sep-2009 13:33
Jaguar launched its Malcolm Sayer designed D-Type with incorporated aerodynamic headlamp covers. The D-Type’s racing success made Jaguar renown worldwide..
22-Sep-2009 13:56
Malcolm Sayer also designed the E-Type model, which became the most popular sports car at the time. This success undoubtedly based upon the merits of its admirable design that yet again incorporated aerodynamic headlamp covers..
25-Feb-2000 18:17
US import regulations enforced production to be amended. Quote “but without transparent headlamp covers the front appeared entirely different, as if the Jaguar was suffering from a kind of eyeball prolapsus”.
Source: Jaguar Geschichte-Technik-Sport, Motorbuch Verlag
25-Feb-2000 18:18
an opportunity to correct this unfortunate deformity that has come up. A fitting kit developed by the industrial designer Stefan Wahl allows to return to the genuine form, just the way Malcom Sayer would have wanted it.
Owners of E-type series 1½ through 3 can now enjoy the genuine shape.
07-Feb-2000 14:47
“Design quotes from Jaguar for Jaguar succeed in future”, as Keith Helfet adapts the E-Type to F-Type. No need to reinvent the most beautiful snout just as you would not reinvent the wheel”. As a matter of course, the new F-Type features headlamp covers yet again.
Source: Auto Motor & Sport 04/2000