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HLC… the mirror of the early design….?

HLC the mirror of the early design….?

someone is realy right when he say… HLC are a mirror of the early design.

Just that there is somthing over that and I like to see the E-Type into the right light.
HLC are the mirror of the complet conzept of the car…and this of all building-years….and in fact with the small chrome-surround-rim the design of serie 1 is totaly untouched.
So the conzept of all buildingyears are following the aerodynamic conzept….(the mathematic formulas in M.O.M.A. needing more room than the E-Type herself)… just that the HLC became vorbidden…because the E-Type touches the Market of the Corvette. Because of the reason that the “early” Corvette had the sleeping-eyes which are very much more into the front…the americans could say…the E-Type lamps must be more in the front also….
With the actual Corvette C6..the american break the rule again…because open (sleeping) eyes are to dangerous for feetwalkers in case of an accident.
So all new cars “must” have intergrated (and because nobody is stupid…aerodynamic integrated) headlights.

So since ever the Jaguar E-type design was following technical forwardness…
so what was in the past…the early design E-Type Design…is the latest design today at the same time…

100 % Tradition
100 % Modern
100 % Jaguar E-Type (XK/E)

enthusiastic regards
p.s. the translation of Wahlsinn is Choice-sence = 300% ;-)
Because every E-Type is an early modern car…my late E-Type “must have” the intended aerodynamic lights.